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RURAL EDUCATION VOLUNTEER AND SOCIAL DEVELOPMENT PROGRAMME (REVSODEP) is local NGO in Ghana with its headquarters in Tamale in the northern region of the country. It is a non profit making, non partisan, non religious and above all, non racial or ethnic centered organization that gears towards promoting good education in rural communities for all in Ghana . Its focus is in the rural or remote areas where education lacks. And promoting good health/reproductive health, knowledge among rural communities, promoting good social life of the rural people and helping promoting dialogue among people to enhance good democratic governance. It was established based on the several trips to the rural communities, staying and interacting with the people and finding out about their constraints and potentials. It turn out that education is very low and their lacking of living socially as a result of inadequate teachers in the rural areas. This culminated to poor performance in this area.

This problem runs through the nursery (kindergarten), primary, junior secondary schools, senior secondary schools etc. there was therefore, the need for the establishment of an organization like REVSODEP. This is designed to facilitate good performance in rural areas through volunteers support. REVSODEP also seeks to address other social issues in this community by providing good information to help people make informed decision on matters pertaining to development. In short, REVSODEP is a broad based NGO that touches on all aspects that will bring development to the individual and the country at large. Volunteers can serve not only on education but other sectors such as the social welfare, hospitals, other Ngos and agro base industries such as sheabutter extraction, tourism sites visit, etc. REVSODEP is happy to receive volunteers from all over the world who believe in the spirit of volunteerism to help REVSODEP achieve its aim/objectives.

We hope when this step is taken the government will be assisted in the other way round to help curb this rural areas with education since this communities also have vision!

OUR NEW MISSION is: A not for profit making organization working to mitigate poverty in the three northern regions of Ghana by adopting relevant measures with the aim to increase access to education, health, food, clean water and improved sanitation with priority on the most vulnerable in the society. We will do this by developing stronger relationship with both local and international community through volunteer and cultural exchanges.

OUR VISION is: We envisaged all people of Northern Ghana living in an open society enjoying sustained Economic and Social development and free from the burdens of extreme poverty.

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