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Revsodep Achievements

For the past two years since Revsodep was established, there have been numerous activities the organization has made and brought greater impact to the people of Northern Ghanaians.

The organization for the past one year started as a young organization through its charity based programmes to be able to raise funds for the needy people as whole. Among those people are the orphans, brilliant but needy students, street children in Ghana, the communities that lacks portable drinking water, the treat ing of guinea worm patience and providing them sanitation hygiene education. Among the contributions and donations as well as projects the organization has undertaken are as follows

  1. Provision of borehole facility to the people of Jana a village in the Tamale municipality.

    The impact of this provision of the borehole is that, it has release the people especially the women and children from walking miles and kilometers in searching for unsafe drinking water. It has also stop the spread of guinea worm diseases from 45% to 90%. This community for the past years was under the infection of guinea worm diseases due to lack of clean, portable drinking water. They use to source their water from dams, rivers, streams. But now the people can boast of clean and portable drinking water from the borehole we provided to them with the support from Netherlands Ngo. Again men have the full health condition to go to their farms and go about their normal business and women and children now go to school and normal activities on going.

  2. Revsodep has also been able to finance 2000 women micro finance scheme in Sandema district in the upper east region to help promote their farm credits other small scale businesses like the shea butter extraction.

    The impact of the project, many women now have most of their school children back in schooling again through the support they have achieved through this micro finance scheme. Some have also helped their husbands or men into trade business such as farming and fish farming thereby alleviating poverty in the area.

  3. On the other side, the organization has been able donates 4 beds to the Tamale and Bolgatanga orphans homes. We have also donated mosquitos. nets and 5 cartoons of lactogen milk to the children homes.

    With this contributions the orphans are no more infected by malaria, pneumonia and the children have been regaining their natural nutrients and thereby looking more healthier.

  4. Revsodep has been able to sponsored 5 boys and 6 girls to school. Among them we have 3 girls and 2 boys in the senior secondary school(high school level).

    We therefore hope in the future these pupil will grow up to be responsible and well educated citizens to impact the knowledge to others.

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