Revsodep Ghana

What we do

We provide in-service training to volunteers coming into the country for the first time community entry, three weeks of intensive learning of the local language to enhance effective communication in the communities.

  • Additional one week at learning the culture, drumming and dancing of the community(option) depending on what the volunteer may prefer to make his or her communication to this rural people happy and good to facilitate this learning activities.
  • Teaching in rural areas and also providing other social services such as care and support for orphans and people with AIDS, disabilities.
  • Receiving volunteers both in and outside Ghana
  • Provision of accommodation and host families for volunteer workers which can help the volunteers get to learn much culture from their host mothers.
  • Introduce volunteers and allocate volunteers to their various communities.
  • Allocation of qualified medical doctor for the provision of health care delivery to volunteer.
  • Provision of a qualified personal guard to assist volunteers in their quest to tour intern mole game, paga crocodile pond, cape coast castle,salaga slave trade wells etc.
  • Provision of community map to volunteers upon arrival to aid easy identification.
  • Presentation of certificate of appreciation to volunteers after service(6month to 12month)
  • We do advocacy programmes especially on civil education, reproductive health issues, AIDS, etc.
  • We have talk with embassies and departments on volunteers travel and transfers.
  • We organize seminars, quizzes, debates and talk shows on social issues among schools and communities.
  • We form clubs in the communities with aid of volunteers on social issues such as environmental clubs, reproductive health clubs (abstinence clubs, women association) etc

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