Report by Mia Niskanen

Hi everyone, here are some thoughts that I have after doing my practical training at Ghana, through Revsodep.

Over all, my time in Ghana was a great experience and gave me a lot. Most of all I saw so many different thing and learn much about Ghana. I´m student nurse and I was in Ghana for 3 and ½ months doing my practical training. I worked 8 weeks in Tamale teaching hospital, in different wards and then I worked 2 weeks in a clinic named Shekhinah. Working in a hospital was sometimes nice and sometimes not so nice. Most of the time it was nice, because of the nice people who taught me a lot and becauce I really learnt a lot about doing things differently. Things that wasn´t so nice, were the fact that the hospital building is in bad condition, it has been built in the 70´s and there has been done nothing after that. I´m wondering how the staff still were so motivated about their work. I worked in a medical and a surgical wards, in main theatre and in an out patients department (OPD). There was also a health workers strike when we were there, so we really felt that we were helping the patients in that time. I really respect every nurse and staff member who works there!

After working at the hospital I went to work to this clinic. They help poor people for free and they are really doing a great job! I worked there in OPD and in dispensary. I really enjoyed the time we spend there!

We lived in a host family, which was one of the best experiences that Ghana offered me. I have to say thanks to Revsodep for organising the best family for me to live with. I really can say, that I have a family in Ghana. It was always a nice to chat with my mum about differences between Ghana and Finland, and I can say that I learnt a lot.

There was a few times that we had an opportunity to go to some villages near by. Revsodep has many projects going on and it was nice to see few of those projects. They are doing great job in the villages to help the people living in there. The experiences from the villages was always a nice one, people came to chat with us and those children, I never forget them!

I also had the opportunity to travel a bit in Ghana. I recommend that to everyone, you really want to see the beautiful beaches in Takoradi and go to art center in Kumasi and much more. And when you travel there, you always get to see the friendliness that Ghana is famous for.

If you want to know more, please contact me for further information.
Mia Niskanen

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