Water and Sanitation

  1. With support from the Mukkwaara Family of Sweden through Linder Giffession (volunteer) provided solar lightening system for Taha community clinic, nurse’s quarters andcommunity school to enhance night health delivery at the clinic and pupils learning at night.
  2. With support from SMAVI of Netherlands provided 10 house hold latrines for Taha and Gbalahi communities in Northern Ghana.
  3. With funds from Irish Aid provided 70 households toilets facilities for Wuvogu, Gbrima, Wuvoguma, Jena, Gbayamni and Katariga.
  4. With funding from SUMAVI provide 6 sitter KVIP toilet with a urinal and   hand washing facilities in Roman Catholic  Primary School in Kanvilli in the Northern Region of Ghana
  5. A borehole facility at Jena in Northern Ghana with SIMAVI support
  6. Provision of water facilities (water treatment plant ) for Wuvogu and Wuvoguma communities in collaboration with Lessius University under the Water for Ghana Project
  7. Provided a Mechanized bore for Gbrima community in collaboration with Denayer University -Belgium
  8. A manual bore hole for Wiaga community in the Builsa North Dist f the Upper East Region of Ghana in collaboration with Strathclyde University -UK

Agriculture and Environment

  1. Collaborated with YARO – Ghana through the N2 Africa Project of IITA to implement technology dissemination and value chain development of green legume (groundnuts, cowpea and Soya) in the Mion District of the Northern Region of Ghana  
  2. In collaboration with Heritage Seed Company in the Northern Region Provided training for women small holder farmers in green legume seed production in the Tamale and Mion Districts in Ghana.
  3. Evaluated some labour saving tools with green legume seed producers in the Tamale and Mion Districts in Ghana.
  4. Piloted dry season vegetable production in the Libga and Nabogu communities  using irrigation in the Savelugu/Nantong District in Northern Ghana
  5. Provided Agriculture Extension Training in mango cultivation for Wunzaligu Farmers Association in the Nanumba North District –Northern Ghana

Health and Nutrition

  1. With proceeds from programme fees charged on interns and volunteers we provided 1500 mosquito nets to the communities of Taha, Gbalahi ,Wuvoguma, Gupanarigu Wuvogu and Gbrima, Kumbung Kukuo , Dingoni ,Cheyohi and Zangbaling in Northern Ghana.
  2. In collaboration with Volunteer medical students from Lassius University donated assorted quantities of medicated eye glasses to the Tamale Teaching Hospital –Ghana.
  3. Education for expectants mothers on HIV /AIDS and infants care with support from volunteer nurses programme
  4. With our dramatization method reached out to our communities with messages on HIV/AIDS, cancers, Nutrition, six childhoods killer diseases among others with the help of volunteer nurses.

Gender and Education

  1. Through our dramatization gender impact have been made in our communities with the help of our volunteer.

Advocacy and Governance

  1. Voter education, promoted peaceful election and Monitored the 2012 and 2016 General elections in the Savelugu Nanton District in Ghana with funding from Ayaali Foundation
  2. Participated in deciding emoluments of Article 71 Office holders in Ghana in collaboration with NCCE –Ghana

Volunteer and Exchange Programme

  1. Collaborated with a number institutions including; International Service- Ghana , Strathclyde University –UK, Mid University –Sweden, Denayer University –Netherlands, Lessius University –Belgium etc in Hosting their students in Ghana
  2. Also received and hosted volunteers from UK, USA, Belgium, Netherlands, Finland, Sweden, and Germany and within Ghana.
  3. As a Global Partner of Multi-National Exchange for Sustainable Agricultural (MESA) ,we successfully recruited and sent two candidates to participate in Sustainable Agricultural Training  Programme in the USA
  4. We recruited and trained 300 community volunteers who support the sustainability of our projects at the community level.

Cross cutting themes

  1. Maintains Village Savings and Loans Associations (VSLA) concept in our communities to sustain  all our projects implemented and help improve the saving spirit on our project communities