Thematic areas

– EDUCATION (EMPOWERMENT OF CHILDREN) through sensitization, provision of educational facilities e.g text books, furniture, school buildings recreational facilities,teachers(volunteers).

–  WATER, SANITATION AND HYGIENE – Access to Water, Latrines, Hand Washing Facilities and Clean Environment

– AGRICULTURE (EMPOWERMENT OF RURAL PEOPLE) through the provision of farm inputs (improved seeds,fertilizer,storage facilities,training on organic fertilizer preparation and use,food processing and production).

–  SOCIAL JUSTICE AND WOMEN’S EMPOWERMENT we advocate against Violence on Women, Child Marriage, Women Empowerment and Advocate for People Living With Disabilities and Social Exclusive persons

– HEALTH AND NUTRITION (ADVOCACY/ SENSITIZATION AND SERVICE DELIVERY) Training workshops,,outreach programme, Health and Nutrition Advocacy ,HIV/AIDS. We provides hospital beds, building of health clinics to deprived communities,building of health centers for small communities,providing eye equipment for hospitals,guinea worm eradication equipment and also providing physiotherapy health materials rural hospitals.

– MICRO FINANCE SCHEME (EMPOWERMENT OF WOMEN) Disbursement of loans to women to increase production (agric and commerce), to eradicate poverty among the rural communities.

– DONATION/SCHOLARSHIP SCHEME providing support for brilliant but needy students and donating to orphanage/children homes.

– VOLUNTEER SERVICES We offer volunteers and voluntary services to organizations,corporate bodies,institutions in the field of education,health agric etc.