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Revsodep as part of its strategy to supporting everyone to enjoy a happy life at the same time offering a positive contributions socially to the deprived communities in Ghana today outlined the launching of its new programme for travelling family. Travel family is a programme design to enhance and engaged not only baby boomers but also individual person who wish to travel to Ghana for sightseeing, hostfamily reunion for a couple of weeks or month and at the same period wanting to find something doing in community work thereby contributing to the life development of the rural people. Sharing your general knowledge, ideas and also getting local knowledge from the local people how they manage to sustain their life even in a place where limited accessibility of basic resources such as water, sanitary facilities, electricity poverty are and yet they managed to live and nurture their children in such a situation and vice versa. Of course you may have your own assumptions but seeing believes experience is the best teacher, feel it for yourself. This will probably promote and increase how west can learn to limit their expenses as economy becomes more expensive and the local can learn from the west innovative ideas and how important education and other social vices like teenage pregnancy, HIV/AIDS can be avoided etc. These may seem very basic to you and I, but you can be sure the people of Africa especially the grass roots level have little knowledge in many things. I must say for those of you in Finland, Netherlands and Belgium including Sweden who have send us messages about our HIV/AIDS programme recorded from the villages by Steve from BBC you can testify this..

Under this programme, Revsodep has an experience training programme called feel the village life where the entire family will be entertain by the local drummer group, storytelling-fairytale by children of the village and a sleep in the community with the localists will be available for members interested.

Meaning Revsodep has an organized team that will travel with participants to area of choice in the touristic centers, rural villages, among other traditional communities for observations about like Ada-foah (salt deposited) which at least enable us have a feel of how remote the world was like tracing back to our roots in these decades. Visiting fruits farm like the banana farms, fruits, cocoa farms will be decided and you can see the benefits from them for your body an mental health, there are many natural treatments that work to clean and maintain your body such as using cocoa for antioxidants that help to improve cholesterol and blood sugar levels and reduce the risk of heart disease or bananas for white teeth or you can just use fake teeth covers as one of the best options.

However, because the above program is evolving and demanding since it involves activities to make interested family have a cheaper vacations and a relax holidays while away, the cost will begin with 1000€ for the entire stay. Detail activities arise to the cost will be provided soon. Please be aware the cost will either be higher or lower depending on the individual choice of activities he/she wants to experience while in Africa.

Host families are organized similar to our internship/volunteer programme.

Experience African education:

As some of our volunteers laudable commended the organization in depth skills and approaches to its community and social health programmes and wishes to integrate our activities into school educational curriculum, an additional programme above has been incorporated on pilot basis to encourage foreign students who wants to sit and study with Ghanaian students in a same class to experience African studies now have an opportunity to explore. The focus of the courses are open learning depending on individual choices we will circulate teaching assistant who will provide all needed information to the student or parent to enable he/she familiarized with the content and to be able to articulate the teaching scheme, skills and practices onto the Ghanaian pupil in a reflective way-critical and analytical skills is key at this stage.