Organic farming

Based on the numerous advantages associated with organic farming, subsistent farmers are now growing interest in this type of crop production practices in Northern Ghana. Organic farming is practiced in the following forms: Food Crops (maize, yams, cocoyam, groundnut etc.)


Bambara Nut



Vegetables (Tomato, hot pepper, lettuce etc.)


Tree crops (Mango, moringa, sheanut etc.)

Mango Tree

Mango Seedlings

Moringa Tree

Most farmers are resorting to the use of organic materials in their farming activities partly due to the high cost of inorganic fertilizer/chemicals. It is also due to the realization that most of the health issues are due to high concentration of chemical residues in the food we eat this days and so the paradigm shift to organic farming. Most backyard gardens are organically practiced and used to serve the home table.