Internship programme

REVSODEP-Ghana organizes internships in the three Northern regions accross Ghana. The internships are formed for international students of various fields to get working experience in Ghana.

After receiving a request from a student REVSODEP makes the necessary arrangements for students to carry on their interns in a transparent manner to form an appropriate program.

However, Revsodep would also run into partnerships with schools ( universities,colleges and polytechnics) place their students on the most approperiate programme.

Internships primarily include the following:

  1. community development aid ( development studies)
  2. women in religion ( cultural studies)
  3. anthropology and development
  4. inservice training in rural communities
  5. health
  6. ecotourism
  7. teaching
  8. Art and craft ( handicraft)
  9. reasearch topics:
    • languages ( origin,customs,culture,occupation)


During the REVSODEP internship program the student will be engaged in the daily project activities. The manager of the project together with the staff of REVSODEP-Ghana serves as the supervisors of the intern. REVSODEP-Ghana recommends at least one week of local language and cross culture studies no matter what field of the intern is in. All interns students must indicate the area of interest. Should give detail description whatever they want to do so that we will be able to satisfy their desire program when placed.