What we offer

RECEPTION: Visitors coming from outside Ghana shall be received in Accra . The organizer of the organization shall meet them at the Airports and further assists to get a hotel to check in. They shall be shown around the city and other places of interest at their own cost. They shall be in Accra for three (3) days after arrivals and then proceed to Tamale on the fourth (4 th ) day.

ACCOMMODATION: This will/shall be provided to volunteers based on their wishes or capacity for the period of the orientation. Host families shall/will be given to volunteers in the community. They shall provide food, do washing and other services at a cost which is spelt out under cost.

ORIENTATION: We provide in-service training to all volunteers (new) to enable them function better in their communities this will spelt out how to enter the community (community entry), the culture and way of life of the people, expectations, problems and identification of potentials and above all working in deprived areas. This will one or two weeks.

PROGRAM: this is the social of the organization. We teach in the deprived communities. Aside this, volunteers can serve in other fields such as health, social welfare, other Ngos, agro based industries especially when schools are on break. This will intern to keep volunteers to engage in their mission in the country. Volunteers can help in the kindergarten, primary junior secondary schools, senior secondary schools and other institution/department where their services are needed. Volunteers will serve in their areas for the periods between (1-3months), (3-6months), (6 and above) depending on their visa duration.

In the community, volunteers are expected to live with the people, experience the people, their entire social being and teach or service. Teaching and learning materials shall be provided where available readily. At the end of their work they are expected to give/write a report of their activities to the organization to enable us tackle the problems this deprive people need.

The field officer shall visit the volunteers regularly and offer help to them and also supervise their work in the respective communities. The programme intend to provide technical infrastructure educational facilities and other needs of the community such as health, water and food through its fund raising activities, collaboration with other NGOS, donations from benevolent societies and people who share in the vision of REVSODEP